My Journey

My vision drowned as the water cascaded through my eyes.

Never could my heart fill with a reality of the wise.

My thoughts were consumed with the breaking of my heart.

Through my whimpering I could not hear that tomorrows story is a new start.

The flash of new beginnings bolted through my mind.

Yet the pain in my heart consumed me with an anger that wasn’t kind.

Sinking slowly into a pit of dissolution and despair.

The realization catapulted me into a world full of love and care.

My self pity and woe were relentless as I began to fight.

I decided to persevere, for I would stand tall once more on this star filled night.

The stars began to twinkle and glisten becoming the gems that I deserved.

For the new beginning of life that I have once more earned.

Written by,

A. A. Smith